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Cedric Rousseau
03 May 2023

Restoring Locks and Confidence: James’ Journey

If you’re stressing about your hair loss, you’re in good company. A whopping 6.5 million men across the UK are in the same boat, and half of all men will experience hair loss by the age of 50. It’s no wonder Google searches for hair loss have skyrocketed. But for such a widespread issue, we’re…

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Cedric Rousseau
30 April 2023

GEP44 For Weight Loss — A Full Review

Weight loss injections have surged in popularity recently, with Ozempic being used by celebrities and Wegovy currently in the process of being approved for use in the UK. However, a new potential weight loss medication called GEP44 has now been developed — and it’s said to not have as many side effects. Discover all you…

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Cedric Rousseau
26 April 2023

A Review Of Finasteride For Hair Loss — Does It Work?

Hair loss affects roughly 85% of men at some point during their lives, and it’s also more common in women than you may think. Losing your hair can damage your self-esteem, so most people start to look for hair growth treatments as soon as they notice the loss.  One treatment that’s often prescribed to men…

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Cedric Rousseau
18 April 2023

Minoxidil In Review — What Is Minoxidil And How Does It Work? 

It’s completely normal to lose some hair every day — with most people shedding anywhere between 50 and 100. However, some people can lose more than this and begin to experience male or female pattern hair loss.  Hair loss treatments have improved in recent years with hair transplants becoming a celebrity favourite. But there are…

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Cedric Rousseau
13 April 2023

Kliovance: A Review — What Is Kliovance And Are There Any Side Effects?

Menopause can be a difficult time for women, as the immense changes that the body goes through can wreak havoc on your daily life.  The good news is that hormone replacement medications can help balance out your hormone levels and work to reduce the symptoms of menopause.  One such medication, Kliovance, has become popular recently…

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Cedric Rousseau
04 April 2023

What Is The Best CBD Oil On The Market? An In-depth Look At The Best CBD Brands

In recent years, CBD has become a popular addition to many people’s daily routines for its supposed benefits. These include things like reducing anxiety, alleviating pain, regulating your sleep cycle and boosting low moods. It is even claimed to have a beneficial effect on your heart and also has neuroprotection qualities. Is there nothing that…