Kliofem Benefits — Treating Symptoms Of Menopause With Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause symptoms are something most women deal with at some point and they can completely change your daily life. From hot flushes to vaginal dryness, menopause symptoms can have a huge impact. Simple things like heading into the office can become a mammoth task as hot flushes can strike at any moment and dealing with them can be a challenge — especially when you can’t control your environment.

However, there are treatments out there that aim to alleviate them such as Kliofem. In this blog post, we’re going to explore what Kliofem is, how it works and what the benefits of taking it are. Learn more with reviews.healthcare.

What is Kliofem?

Kliofem is a higher dose of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that is often prescribed to women who have severe menopause symptoms. Kliofem is made from estradiol and norethisterone, synthetic versions of oestrogen and progesterone. These are two of the hormones that deplete in your body when going through menopause and why you start to experience symptoms.

Kliofem is a higher dosage of HRT compared to others like Kliovance. Kliofem contains 2 mg of estradiol and 1 mg of norethisterone — whereas Kliovance contains 1 mg of estradiol and 0.5 mg of norethisterone. This means that Kliofem may be prescribed to you if lower doses of these hormones haven’t provided you with any relief.

How do you take Kliofem?

Kliofem needs to be taken every day at the same time for it to work effectively. If you miss your daily dose and it’s within 12 hours, you can still take it. If not, you’ll need to skip that day. Your doctor will need to prescribe Kliofem to you, so only take it under their guidance.

How long does Kliofem take to work?

Kliofem works a lot faster than some HRTs and most women tend to feel a difference between 10 and 14 days. However, this will depend on the severity of your symptoms and how well your body adapts to it. Some women may need to take it for a few months before noticing a change in their menopause symptoms. 

What are the benefits of Kliofem?

Kliofem has many benefits, with the main one being a reduction in menopause symptoms. Hot flushes are one of the main symptoms that disrupt your daily life and Kliofem can help tackle them. Normally, your body will be low in oestrogen and this triggers hot flushes. However, when you take Kliofem and boost your levels back up, you can minimise the risk of them happening.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis

Another benefit of Kliofem is a reduced risk of osteoporosis. When you go through menopause and your oestrogen levels drop, this leads to the weakening of your bones and eventually osteoporosis. However, taking Kliofem can not only reduce menopause symptoms but also strengthen your bones.

Decreased vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is often associated with menopause and it can be a difficult — and sometimes embarrassing — subject to talk about. The dryness is caused by the decreased amount of oestrogen in your body as you need higher levels to help maintain a healthy lubrication. The low levels of oestrogen can also cause inflammation and thinning of your vaginal walls, causing you further discomfort when engaging in sex.

However, if you take Kliofem, these symptoms could be reduced and the moisture within your vagina increased thanks to your higher oestrogen levels.

Limited urinary tract infections

When going through menopause, some women experience recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). These can be caused by the decrease in oestrogen thinning your vaginal tissue which makes it more prone to infections like UTIs. But if you take Kliofem and boost your oestrogen levels back up, you could see a reduction in how often they occur.

Does Kliofem have any side effects?

Kliofem (like all HRTs) does have some side effects associated with it. These side effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Breast tenderness and swelling
  • Low mood
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Bloating
  • Acne

However, it’s important to remember that these side effects usually resolve themselves once your body adjusts to the new hormone levels. You do need to speak with your doctor before taking Kliofem as it may not be for everyone.

Taking Kliofem can help transform your menopause symptoms into a thing of the past, but it’s also essential to consider what’s right for your body. While it may work for some women, it may not be suitable for you which is why a doctor’s opinion is always needed.

The benefits of Kliofem can outweigh the side effects, especially if it means that you can get back to daily life without struggling to manage your menopause symptoms. If you’re trying to alleviate your symptoms, speak with your doctor about HRT and see if it’s the right treatment for you. 

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