Keeps Hair Review

Hair loss in men over the age of 30 is a prevalent issue that results in baldness. Around 80% of men experience thinning hair and hair loss with each passing year, and there usually seems to be nothing you can do about it. However, this isn’t true. It turns out there are products and treatments you can use to help combat hair loss. If you’re interested in these treatments and how effective they are, keep reading to learn more.

Keeps is a subscription-based online service that’s focused on providing men with daily supplies of hair loss treatments and products. They offer a diverse catalogue of scalp and hair care products, FDA-approved medications and consultations with board-certified physicians. Read on for the full review of Keeps hair review, their effectiveness and pricing.

Hair loss in men

Almost all men are bound to experience hair loss at one point in their lives for different reasons. For instance, you may experience hair loss due to genetics, meaning your family has a history of losing hair and going bald. This is the most common cause of hair loss in men.

Alternatively, your hair loss may be caused by hormonal changes, medical conditions or ageing. Regardless of the cause of your thinning hair, there are steps you can take to prevent further hair loss and restore growth.

What is Keeps?

Keeps is a hair loss treatment solution for men based on an online subscription service that offers daily supplies of various treatments and medications. The brand connects you with a doctor or physician who prescribes the best treatments for hair loss based on your particular type of hair loss. With Keeps, you get FDA-approved medications and treatments that minimise your hair loss from the comfort of your home.

Keeps offer numerous products to help treat hair loss, including finasteride, minoxidil foam, minoxidil solution, thickening shampoo and conditioner and thickening pomade. The products your doctor prescribes are delivered to your doorstep every 3 months, ensuring you have adequate supplies to treat and manage your hair loss. Keeps understands that there’s no magic cure for baldness, but there are treatments you can use to prevent hair loss from happening in the first place. The earlier you use these treatments. The more hair you get to keep as you age.

How does Keeps work?

Keeps hair loss products and treatments all work to increase hair growth, stimulate hair follicles and promote thicker and fuller hair. They do the following:


Keeps most popular treatment is finasteride. Finasteride is a daily prescription pill that blocks the production of DHT, which is a hormone that causes male pattern baldness. This FDA-approved medication has been tried and tested to boost hair regrowth while preventing receding hairlines. Finasteride works on the crown, vertex and hairline and is well-tolerated, with side effects only impacting 3.8% of people. The treatment is ideal for men over the age of 20 who have a receding hairline. If you’re looking to minimise or slow down your hair loss, finasteride is an excellent choice.

Minoxidil solution

Minoxidil solution is an effective Keeps topical treatment that slows down the hair loss process while helping maintain a fuller head of hair. The solution features a 5% formula that treats your alopecia and promotes hair growth.

Finasteride and minoxidil solution

Keeps normally prescribe both finasteride and minoxidil, their most popular bundle, to minimise hair loss while promoting new growth. These 2 work together to decrease the production of DHT and stimulate hair follicles for increased hair growth.

Keeps treatment process

Keeps treatment process comprises:

1. Free online consultation

The first step to treating and preventing hair loss with Keeps is filling out their free online consultation. Just answer a series of simple questions about your hair loss to ensure Keeps can curate the best possible plan for your hair growth.

2. Get a plan

After filling out the form, a board-certified doctor creates a clinically approved plan that’s right for you based on your hair loss type. The beauty of this is that you don’t even have to leave your couch to get an effective treatment plan.

3. Delivery

Keeps finally sends your customised hair loss treatment plan right to your door. The plan will last you three months and consists of a daily supply of all the medications and products you have to use. Depending on your plan, you may receive a refill box right before your current treatment runs out. You can cancel your plan anytime or adjust it to suit your changing hair loss needs.

4. Track your progress

Lastly, take action by using your treatments and clinically approved medications and track your progress. You can also get support from Keeps medical team along the way. Keeps is happy to address all your concerns and answer your questions.

Is Keeps effective?

The products and treatment plans Keeps offers have been shown to minimise and prevent hair loss, especially finasteride and minoxidil. Many men who have used Keeps products as prescribed have reported increased hair growth after 3 to 4 months of consistent use. In clinical trials, Keeps products have stopped and even reversed hair loss among participants while strengthening and nurturing their hair. Since Keeps products are backed by research and FDA-approved, they are proven effective in helping you combat hair loss.

How long until you see results?

Keeps products have shown results in men around the three-month mark. Therefore, you have to consistently use the products as prescribed for at least three months to start seeing results. It’s essential to note that for the first two months, your hair may shed while using Keeps treatment plans. This is normal but temporary and is a sign that your treatment is working. So, don’t give up and stick to your prescription until it runs out. After three months, you’ll start seeing visible results and continued progress for the next three months. This includes fuller and thicker hair, hair regrowth and hair loss stopping or beginning to slow down. If you want to maintain your results, you may have to continue use, as results can reverse after one year of discontinued use.

Keeps pros and cons


Keeps offers numerous advantages, including:

• Convenient and easy online consultation process that’s free

• Unlimited access to board-certified physicians

• Discreet home delivery

• Affordable – less than half the cost of buying at a traditional pharmacy, saving you money

• Easy to place an order and refill your prescription

• Effective solutions for receding hairlines, overall thinning and hair loss

• You get 50% off your first finasteride order


Keeps has some downsides, including:

• Treatment plans are only designed to work for male pattern baldness

• You have to sign up to get subscriptions

• You can’t choose your doctor

• Keeps do not provide insurance options

• In-person visits aren’t available

How much does Keeps cost?

Keeps offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, with 50% off your first order. Their prices are as shown below for a 3-month supply:

• Finasteride 1 mg: £67.14

• Minoxidil 5% solution: £26.85

• Finasteride and Minoxidil solution: £93.99

• Ketoconazole shampoo: £26.85

• Thickening shampoo: £19.69

• Thickening conditioner: £19.69

Do Keeps products have side effects?

Keeps products and treatment should only be used under the supervision of a doctor. That’s why their medications are only prescribed after a comprehensive consultation.

However, some products, such as finasteride, have potential sexual side effects. Some men may experience low libido, erectile dysfunction or a decrease in the amount of semen released during sex after using finasteride.

Ketoconazole and minoxidil may also cause scalp sensitivity.

Luckily, Keeps’ physicians are available to address any of your worries and concerns.

How does Keeps compare with competitors?

The main competitors for Keeps are Hims and Roman. All three offer subscription-based payment models, discreet packaging and doctor consultations. The differences lie in the treatments they offer and their price models.

Keeps and Hims offer an extensive selection of products, including finasteride, minoxidil and thickening shampoo. However, Keeps offers ketoconazole, which Hims doesn’t and provides gummies instead. Roman only provides finasteride and minoxidil, giving you limited options for maintaining your hair loss results.

When it comes to pricing, Keeps offers the lowest prices for their treatment plans, making them a superior choice if you want to save money.

Is Keeps right for me?

If you’re experiencing hair loss, thinning hair or male pattern baldness, Keeps could be a great treatment solution for you. Their products are FDA-approved and backed by research to minimise, stop and prevent hair loss.

Whether you want to stimulate hair growth, reduce overall hair loss or thicken your hair, you can count on Keeps to help you. All their treatment plans are customised to address your specific hair loss type, guaranteeing their effectiveness.

Similarly, if you’re looking to save money, Keeps is your go-to online service. Their treatment plans are relatively cheap when compared to other treatment plans.

If you’re struggling to choose between providers, check out our comparison of Hims, Keeps and Roman.