Hims vs Roman vs Keeps: which is the best hair restoration product?

For men over the age of 30 (and perhaps earlier), hair loss is a common issue. Your once youthful locks seem determined to fall off your scalp with every passing year, and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

Well, not so fast. It turns out that there are three exciting telemedicine providers on the market – Hims, Roman, and Keeps – all promising drugs that keep your scalp looking youthful.

What does Hims do?

Hims offers a range of FDA-approved hair production drugs promising to regrow hair in as little as 3 months. To sign up, just complete the free online consultation with a registered physician and the brand will send you your medications using free, discreet delivery, avoiding the need for in-person visits or waiting in pharmacy lines.

What does Roman do?

Roman operates a similar business model. Simply go to the brand’s website, start the free online visit, and then answer a few questions about your hair loss. The site will then provide you with a medical evaluation by a US-licensed physician, sending you medications you need via free 2-day delivery.

What does Keeps do?

Keeps promises to help men experiencing the early stages of hair loss prevent further recession or balding around the crown. It operates a simple process.

First, you get an FDA-approved doctor-recommended plan for your particular type of hair loss. You then receive your treatment supply, to be applied daily, every three months at half the regular price. Then all that’s left to do is apply the products and take the medication.

What are the main differences between Hims, Roman and Keeps?

The differences between Hims, Roman and Keeps are actually relatively small. All three offer free doctor consultations, discreet packaging, and subscription-based payment models. The differences lie in their price models and the treatments they offer.

Hims, Roman and Keeps all offer finasteride. Hims charges £34 per month or a discounted rate of £84 for three months. Roman gives you the first month free, charges £10.62 per month for the three months, and then £15.92 per month if you use the service long-term. You can also pay £31.84 every three months for the first quarter, and then £47.76 afterwards.

Keeps gives you 50 percent off your first order and then charges £19.90 per month after that. Alternatively, you can opt to pay £39.80 for the first three months, and then £59.70 for each subsequent order.

All three brands also offer 5% Minoxidil. At Hims, it’s £23 per month, at Keeps it’s £7.96 per month, and at Roman, it’s £8.49 for the first three months, and then £9.55 thereafter.

Only Hims offer biotin (vitamin B7) for £12.74 per month.

(Please note that some prices quoted in pounds have been converted from US dollar prices at the June 2022 USD/GBP exchange rate.)

Pros and cons

Hims Pros

Free consultation

Simple tool to discover which treatment is right for you

A wider range of treatments

Hims Cons

Generally more expensive

Physicians may not have sufficiently broad knowledge of your health to recommend the best treatment

Roman Pros

Discreet packaging

Wide variety of online payment options

Affordable subscriptions and compelling new customer deals

Roman Cons

Smaller range of treatments available

Services are not meant to replace traditional physician advice

Keeps Pros

Licensed healthcare professionals with credentials easily-accessed on the brand’s website

50 percent off your first finasteride order

Low price of £8.49 per month for 5% Minoxidil

Keeps Cons

Forces you to sign up for subscriptions

You don’t get to choose your doctor

In-person visits are not available

Which is the right product for you?

If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, then Keeps is the obvious choice. It offers the lowest overall cost.

However, for those looking for a premium service with more treatments, Hims is the better option. Roman offers the same level of service as Keeps, but is slightly more expensive.