Vitl personalised supplements review

We all know that our bodies are different. But now supplements brand Vitl is taking this concept to a whole new level. It wants to provide everyone in the country with pills formulated just for them.

Why personalised supplements are worth considering

It’s well-known that human beings’ nutritional requirements fall on a spectrum. For instance, menstruating women require about double the iron as healthy adult men. Likewise, people who regularly train at the gym need extra calcium, magnesium and zinc than those who don’t.

Vitl understands this, which is why the company is railing against the mainstream generic multivitamin supplement industry. It believes that people are missing out because they’re either getting too much of nutrients they don’t need, or not enough of those they do.

How does Vitl personalise supplements?

Vitl personalise supplements based on customer characteristics and health goals. Patients select from a panel of objections, such as sleep, detox, fitness, digestion, beauty and energy, and then Vitl gets to work formulating a selection of pills that will support them.

You start the process with a quick consultation, completing answers to a range of diet and lifestyle questions, giving Vitl a better understanding of your current condition and how you want supplements to improve your wellbeing. After providing all the relevant information, VItl shows you the vitamins and minerals its expert panel of nutritionists recommend.

If you agree with the recommendations, Vitl will prompt you to sign up for a subscription. It will then deliver your personalised vitamin strips every 28 days in a letterbox-friendly parcel.

Vitl stands out from other personalised supplement suppliers because of its focus on quality. It only delivers the best researched and most bioavailable forms of each nutrient that it sells, ensuring maximum absorption. Pills are filler-free (so you won’t see a long list of ingredients on the pack) and non-GMO.

Vegans and vegetarians can also relax. While not all supplements are cruelty-free, Vitl says that it can personalise strips so that even if you require plant-based nutrients traditionally derived from animal sources, such as omega 3s and vitamin D, you can get them.

Pros and cons of Vitl


• Personalised supplements delivered through your letterbox

• Quality ingredients: highly absorbable forms of essential and non-essential micronutrients

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


• Requires signing up for a cancel-anytime subscription

• Each strip contains a maximum of four supplements

Should you try Vitl?

If you live a hectic lifestyle and struggle to get all the nutrition you need from regular food, giving Vitl personalised nutrition a try might be a good idea. What’s great about the service is the fact that you’re getting a supplement plan designed for you specifically, not the average person. Therefore, if you’re more active than most people or have more issues with sleep, you can grab products that are more likely to help you.

However, even though Vitl offers high-quality products, there’s a cost. If you want to receive your pills like clockwork every month, you’ll have to sign up for a subscription. There’s no such thing as a free lunch (or supplement, for that matter).