Numan vs Thriva: battle of the home blood tests

With advances in technology, home blood tests are becoming more popular. People are taking their health into their own hands and discovering things about themselves that they can’t ordinarily see.

Now two new companies are getting involved: Numan and Thriva – and they’re both offering tests that provide practically everything you could ever want to know about your body. Both promise to let you take health into your own hands, but which is better for you? Read on to find out.

What does the Numan home blood test offer?

Numan offers what it calls the Fear Nothing blood test. The idea is to collect as much data from your blood as possible, searching for any possible signs of illness, dysfunction or disease. The panel lets you confront health concerns that you might have, such as low mood or high cholesterol, and check important biomarkers, such as LDL, vitamin D and creatinine.

What does the Thriva home blood test offer?

Thriva offers a range of blood tests designed to help customers achieve their goals. They have panels designed for people with low energy, those who want to achieve better fitness, and even for people with sleep issues. By personalising blood panels in this manner, Thriva targets specific niches of customers who want blood tests but would prefer to avoid going to see their GP.

What are the main differences between Numan and Thriva home blood tests?

The Numan home blood test is a catch-all panel designed to pick up any health problems you may have festering beneath the surface. In fact, the company is so confident that it will find problems that it offers the test for free if it doesn’t find anything wrong with you.

Panels cover all aspects of health, including heart, kidney, liver and thyroid health, as well as weight control issues, low-iron count (anaemia) and nutrition. Patients collect blood samples using the equipment provided in the supplied kits and then send it to Numan’s lab partners for free, receiving results in 3 to 5 working days.

Thriva home blood tests are more specific. The company tailors panels depending on the patients’ requirements. Weight management panels, for instance, cover omega 3 & 6 levels, thyroid issues and HbA1c, a diabetes marker. The sleep panel, on the other hand, covers iron, CRP levels, and vitamin D.

Pros and cons

Numan pros

• If the panel fails to find problems, get your money back

• 24-hour delivery

• Regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Numan cons

• Results available in three to five working days

• Only two types of blood test available: the Fear Nothing Blood Test, and Fear Nothing Blood Test Plus

Thriva pros

• Get specific blood tests based on your health, wellness and fitness goals

• Receive helpful insights and personalised advice on what’s happening in your body

• NHS-approved lab and results available in 48 hours

Thriva cons

• Subscription-based business model may not be ideal for all patients

• Standard panels may not include all of the biomarkers patients want to test

Which is the right product for you?

If you’re concerned about your health and want a thorough blood test to detect any potential issues, then the Numan home blood test might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to track changes in your biochemistry over time, then Thriva’s subscription service may be the superior choice.